Cloud Based Regulatory

Compliance Management

Ensuring that your organisation is compliant with all rules and regulations is a very involved task for every financial institution. Our AI-driven platform helps financial organisations to collate and organise all the necessary information on businesses, processes, policies and controls to ensure evidenceable compliance. A mainframe that constantly processes the information to crack the question ‘(how) are we compliant?’

Easily consolidate all compliance information into a comprehensive knowledge framework.

To ensure compliance with rules and regulations requires an organisation to constantly digest new (and existing) rules and applying them to its business by implementing processes, policies and controls. Gathering all the necessary pieces of the puzzle that give you assurance over comprehensive compliance is a mountainous task.

Structured compliance information giving you more control over how rules have been applied.

Evidenced Compliance

Structured compliance information enabled automated analytics

Thanks to the way we structure your information to the rules, our reasoning engine can logically derive whether compliance with a specific rule or even a complete regulation can be proven.

This gives you direct insights into what information is still missing and how processes and policies should be improved.

Generate a ‘compliance reasoning report’ that describes in a step-by-step manner based on what facts the organisation is compliant with a particular rule for a selected section of the business.

A systematic and automated way of capturing compliance information allows you to generate comprehensive management information with ease and at the level of aggregation you choose.

Having all the right information available in a structured manner lets you easily perform compliance analytics to produce..

The business in control.

Putting the business in control is no doubt the most effective means to achieve compliance. As the role of ensuring compliance has grown to be the attention point of the second line, organisations are 

With Fimantic technology you but the business back in the driver’s seat, facilitating them with all the instruments to effectively achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. 

By all different means, specialist in the business can capture and access information specific to their domain in the centralised compliance information platform.

Integrate with existing systems.

By giving you direct access to the information and knowledge that is captured in our systems you can integrate to exchange information directly between the Compliance Knowledge Platform and your existing software.