How we can be the central point for your regulatory compliance management.

With our solution we ​support your organisation to store, distribute and analyse compliance management information with three main aspects that every organisation needs to manage regulatory compliance…

​1. Well-organised information

2. Effective logic reasoning

3. Interfacing for presentation and handling

Fimantic technology helps you to digest legislation into rules. From those rules we identify and collect the necessary information points w.r.t. (1) information on the business, (2) the implemented regulatory policies and processes and (3) the expected controls. This is all captured in a database.

Now, analyses can be performed to determine compliance gaps, regulatory project status reports and document how rules have been implemented.

1. Well-organised Information

Our dynamic database captures all necessary mappings between (1) rules, (2) services, clients, products and (3) implemented policies, proceses and procedures. This allows describing how each and every rule has been allocated to the business and how it has been implemented. The structured approach avoids ambiguity whilst ensuring consistency across regulations.

Well organised compliance management information means that Fimantic ensures your organisation holds

  • Information in different formats (documents, data, questionnaires)

  • Information contextualised to rules and regulations

  • Information that is granular and aggregatable 

2. Effective Logic Reasoning

Semantic technology is used to employ a reasoning system to analyse the mappings in the database to determine whether comprehensive compliance with rules and regulations can be evidenced.

Gaps in mappings between rules and are presented as actionable tasks. Compliance reports can be generated through the compliance reasoning system.

Having information captured in an explorable structure enables asking the platform for questions that it can reason. This way all kinds of analyses can be performed.


  1. Are we compliant with Regulation X for business line Y?

  2. What are the requirements of the reporting process that needs to be implemented in order to comply with article X of regulation Y?

  3. Which business line should still provide the details of its business activities in order to identify the applicable rules?

3. Effective Interfacing

Regulatory data, information and knowledge should be well distributed and easily accessible throughout your organisation. That is why we offer different means to interact with our platform.

Thanks to our API-based development philosophy, the information in the platform can be easily accessed by different applications including your existing tools, software and systems. 

Different users in your organisation have different needs in terms of what information they need and how they want to work with it. An API-based development philosophy makes it possible to create tailored applications whilst making use of the same data. In result, the information stored by one stakeholder is collated with the information stored by another stakeholder allowing a third stakeholder to analyse the information in aggregation.

Browser-based end-user interface

At Fimantic we have developed a core user interface that can be direcly accessed through a web-browser, requiring no local IT involvement. These browser-based interfaces provide the users with direct insights into what information is required on which regulations, to monitor the status of regulatory implementations and generate reports on gaps.

Developer’s Web-API environment 

Fimantic offers its clients direct access to the information and reasoning machine to build their own applications or to connect the information directly with existing systems.

How we help you get there...

Making changes to your operating model is not something we take lightly. That is why we provide the needed support without making it our core business model.

​Our aim is to support you in becoming more in control as an organisation without relying on external consultants for implementation and maintenance. Our service offering centers around the Software as a Service concept. This means that our service focuses on providing that optimal regulatory compliance management system to support your needs whilst letting you be in the driver’s seat. 

Cloud Service

Our service offering centers around the Software as a Service concept. For your organisation this means there is no local IT involvement required to get you working with our solution.

Application Development Support

Fimantic offers a wide range of applications that can be used by the various stakeholders within your organisation to manage regulatory compliance. We understand that the needs for your organisation can be very specific. We encourage organisations to build their own specific applications on the back of our platform. And through our application development support we support your organisation build tailored applications together.

​Implementation Support

We understand that the success of our service depends on how your well organisation adopts it. That is why we provide hands-on support through our experiences regulatory consultants or implementation partners to help you get you on your way in working with the system​.