Future-ready organisational control

Business Knowledge Simply Handled Smarter

In the digital era, launching new products, services, and processes should no longer be hampered by the manual operations of relating to Compliance, Risk, Finance, and business operations. At Fimantic, we offer a firm-wide digital landing zone for generating, gathering, capturing, and processing the critical knowledge on products, services, and processes in relation to risk, compliance, and finance perspectives.


…Say goodbye to lengthy manual explorations for business information and welcome a new digital era of collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.

Smarten that critical business knowledge

Knowledge intensive processes of creating, capturing, and processing of organisational information that describe how business is conducted.

With the multidisciplinary team of Fimantic we brought together the knowledge, skills, and experience of regulatory, risk, and compliance experts with frontrunners in data technology to challenge the traditional methods that characterise risk, compliance, and finance management processes.

Firmly rooted in a philosophy of contemporary technology, you can be sure to build a financial organisation that consists of an ecosystem of solutions that is truly future ready.

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One single, firm-wide, open knowledge platform as foundational integrator

Rely on Fimantic as a central open platform providing your organisation the single, authoritative (yet highly adaptive) means for generating, capturing, and processing business information through a structured information system. Being ready to be universally applied across the organisation to allow the critical knowledge integration over products, services, processes with regulatory, risk, finance, and compliance perspectives. Supporting more effective manual operations and enabling guided automation of those knowledge intensive processes that were previously highly manual and labour intensive.

Empower your teams to seamlessly integrate and leverage the collective knowledge scattered across your organisation. Fimantic offers the common foundation upon which smarter solutions can thrive without the challenge of organisational disconnect or dependency of manual integration. Smartly integrate your local solution with (knowledge over) firm-wide regulations, risk treatments, policies, and processes without depending on manual operations by domain experts.


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Ignite local solutions today and grow by starting small

Successful enterprise platforms start off simple to initiate a steady growth with offshoots that form a path into a new financial ecosystem. Allowing the build of local or global digital solutions that contribute to a more effective execution of processes can be introduced without requiring an overhaul of existing systems and processes. Make your local solution swiftly integrate with the rest of your organisation. Building point-solutions that logically integrate with the wider organisational environment get your organisation to digitalize in the adaptive manner that the digital age of ecosystems and micro-solutions characterises. 

By bringing knowledge into digital form, you can be sure to align descriptions of products, services, processes with regulatory, risk, finance, and compliance perspectives.


Structured compliance information giving you more control over how rules have been applied.

Evidenced Compliance

Structured compliance information enabled automated analytics

Thanks to the way we structure your information to the rules, our reasoning engine can logically derive whether compliance with a specific rule or even a complete regulation can be proven.

This gives you direct insights into what information is still missing and how processes and policies should be improved.

Generate a ‘compliance reasoning report’ that describes in a step-by-step manner based on what facts the organisation is compliant with a particular rule for a selected section of the business.

A systematic and automated way of capturing compliance information allows you to generate comprehensive management information with ease and at the level of aggregation you choose.

Having all the right information available in a structured manner lets you easily perform compliance analytics to produce..

The business in control.

Putting the business in control is no doubt the most effective means to achieve compliance. As the role of ensuring compliance has grown to be the attention point of the second line, organisations are 

With Fimantic technology you but the business back in the driver’s seat, facilitating them with all the instruments to effectively achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. 

By all different means, specialist in the business can capture and access information specific to their domain in the centralised compliance information platform.

Integrate with existing systems.

By giving you direct access to the information and knowledge that is captured in our systems you can integrate to exchange information directly between the Compliance Knowledge Platform and your existing software.